About Us

Our mission is to empower business owners
to leverage valuable financial data to fuel
their business growth.

Too many businesses are run based on gut instinct, hunches, and estimates.
While business leaders know their business best and this often works out, It is certainly not scalable.

It’s tempting to rely on a team of accountants, several disparate tools, and primitive accounting software
but they become more cumbersome, therefore underutilised.

Our Story

We understand your challenges.

In over 15 years of helping startups set up financial operations, and as entrepreneurs ourselves,
we’ve learned that financial management is not just for calculating profits, expenses, and taxes.
It can be a driver of growth.

To show this in action, we built Actionboard — a powerful, all-in-one dashboard that helps you
become more profitable, identify growth areas and innovate effectively.

Agrya started by four executives from Deloitte in a small room is now a team of 70 plus passionate professionals ranging from chartered accountants to technology experts and leaders in the CFO service domain.

A financial management tool developed by seasoned financial experts who have hands on working experience in different industries and varied business sizes to manage finance more efficiently resulting in rapid growth.

Our Team

Jayakumar M

Chief Executive Officer

Post-graduate Diploma in Management, Symbiosis. Chartered Accountant. Company Secretary.

JK is a multidisciplinary professional who has helped several mid-size businesses scale without friction. With a passion for setting up and transforming financial departments and faith in the potential of technology, it was only natural that he would co-create Actionboard.

When he’s not strategising, raising equity, and solving problems for our clients in various industries, JK is a keen follower of regional and national politics.

Priya Raghavan

Chief of Customer Success

Diploma in IFRS (ACCA, London). Chartered Accountant. Seed Committee Member, Rural Technology Business Incubator.

Priya, along with JK, has always been an early adopter of technology. She has managed audits for several Indian conglomerates and multi-national companies. With more than two decades of experience under her belt, she knows exactly what metrics matter to businesses.

Priya leads customer adoption and success at Actionboard.

Arunkumar L

Chief Technology Officer

Accountant. Programmer. Project Manager.

Arun started his career at Agrya’s virtual CFO practice. An expert on all things finance and technology, he delivers the right technological solutions to our clients’ accounting problems.

When he’s not leading the development at Actionboard,he trains in mixed martial arts.

Ram Prakash

Chief Business Officer

Chartered Accountant.

Ram has led virtual CFO engagements across several industries. At Actionboard, he focuses on revenue growth through sales, marketing, strategic partnerships, and business development.

When he’s not supporting our clients with his strategic vision and brass-tacks execution, he’s passionate about cricket, Tamil literature, and history.