Industry 4.0 is underway. Then, Why your financial tools are outdated?

The manufacturing industry requires strong financial tools manage input costs and safeguard margins in the face of global competition. A strong financial tool to optimally operate is needed by the industry

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KPI Management

Easily set up, measure and monitor KPIs

  • Set goals for location-wise profitability and cost-centre grouping, and perform payback period and revenue mix analysis — as and when you need them, without waiting for results.

Key Features

  • Daily KPI monitoring on the go
  • Set and track KPIs integrated with your annual operating plan
  • Set and track KPIs at each business unit level
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Financial Insights

Generate valuable finsights and reports on demand

  • Get insights on standard costing vs. actuals, actual consumption vs. budgeted consumption, sales and cost analysis, variances, inventory analysis — all in one place.

Key Features

  • Revenue analysis
  • Customer-wise profitability
  • Product-wise profitability (group / item)
  • Inventory reporting
  • Margin reporting
  • Standard costing vs. actuals
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Receivables Management

Collect faster. Reduced effort. Avoid Bad Debts. More insightful reporting.

  • Increase In the efficiency of collecting teams and reduction in DSO leading to more cash for the business to grow rapidly.

Key Features

  • Collect faster and reduce dso days
  • Reduce bad debts
  • Set targets and track till collection
  • Reduce dependencies and information seamlessly
  • Insightful reporting
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Cash Flow Management

Effectively optimise your business, cash flow and cash churn

  • Gain a deeper understanding of working capital cycle in inventory to collection days.

Key Features

  • Operating cash flow report
  • Cash flow forecasting under multiple scenarios
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Compliance Tracking (Stat Board)

Track compliance in one place, without hassle

  • Identify vendor compliance and input credit eligibility — instantly, in quick and simple steps.

Key Features

  • Compliance Oneview
  • GST2A Automated Reconciliation and Vendor credit follow-up
  • GST Compliance Reports
  • TDS Compliance Reports
  • Labour Law Compliance Reports
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